Jamia Al-Hudaa
Reminders & Updates:
New Residential Students Start: Tuesday 15th September
New Day Students Start: Wednesday 16th September
Existing Students (Not collected belongings) - Saturday 12th September
Existing Students (Collected belongings) - Sunday 13th September
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Acceptance Packs

After successfully completing the interview, we offer the applicant a place at Jamia Al-Hudaa.

In order to accept this offer, parents are required to complete some more documentation which we refer to as the 'Acceptance Packs'.

After accepting the offer, you must complete the 1st instalment to fully confirm your daughter's place at the Jamia.

Year 7 Boarding PDF Version
Year 7 Boarding Online Form Version

Year 7 Day PDF Version
Year 7 Day Online Form Version

16+ Boarding PDF Version
16 + Boarding Online Form Version

16+ Day PDF Version
16 + Boarding Online Form Version