The First Residential Darul Uloom for Girls in East Midlands Est. 1996

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We are currently working to make it easier to donate towards this noble project.

You may donate by calling our office number below and make a donation over the phone or request account details in order to make a donation.

Download this form for setting up a direct debit or sponsoring a student at Jamia:
Sponsorship/Direct Debit Form

Why Donate?

At Jamia Al Hudaa, we strive to offer an inclusive institution and education for all. We ask parents to contribute towards the cost of running the institute but this is not sufficient to cover the costs. This is where donations from generous members of the public come in to support the Jamia in running and offering its services.

How can you support us?

Some ideas on how you can support us below;

  • Pray for everyone at Jamia Al-Hudaa to be successful in this cause

  • RaIse awareness of the Jamia to family and friends and

  • encourage families of potential students to make an application for a place at the Jamia

  • Arrange a local fundraising event

  • Ask a family member or friend to set up a direct debit however small the amount

  • Ask someone to sponsor a student using the form