Jamia Al-Hudaa
Reminders & Updates:
New Residential Students Start: Tuesday 15th September
New Day Students Start: Wednesday 16th September
Existing Students (Not collected belongings) - Saturday 12th September
Existing Students (Collected belongings) - Sunday 13th September
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Home Learning

Dear parents and guardians,

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are hoping to make the most out of remote learning via Google Classroom. We also hope that this can be used in future for work during holidays In Shaa Allah.

Jazaakumullah Khairan and thank you for your responses so far.

We have found that parents have not created new emails for their daughter with Gmail due to misunderstanding of the initial email.

Please use their name and create NEW Googlemail accounts. Accounts such as yahoo or icloud will not be able to access the classroom. Enter that in the first field you see on this form and also select their class to make it easy for our admin staff.

Parents who have successfully done so, please can we request you re-submit but with class selected for your daughter.

Please re-submit your information using the same link;

Link to form

Once we have Gmail accounts for all students, class codes will be shared to provide access to what teachers will be uploading.

Jazaakumullah khairan.


Ps. Do not forget that we will be updating our resources page as well. Visit it by clicking here.

Update 25.03.2020

How to use the codes to join the Classroom(s)?
Click on this guide to join a classroom (you will require the codes in the below table):
Joining a class

Use the codes below;

Class Islamic Studies Code National Curriculum Code
C1a m7opk7r 6ufdpvk
C1b faxr7ti 2zskfwm
C2a 7hmceyl iu6xllp
C2b gqpaxaj og4ll46
C3 lfkaeby ziimza4
C4 aweiwa2 vygysav
C5 wc7efvq 4gq24m​​​​​​​​​​​​​​l
C6/C7 4uoj3ho N/A
16+1 s7bu6ki N/A
16+2 sbqii3v N/A
16+3 wevj7so N/A