Jamia Al-Hudaa
- Update Parental Contributions as soon as possible.
- Existing Boarding Students return on Sunday 1st September between 11am to 4pm.
- Existing Day Students return on Monday 2nd September between for 8:30am.
- New Boarding Students arrive on Wednesday 4th September between 10am to 3pm.
- New Day Students arrive on Thursday 5th September for 8:30am.

Parental Contributions

Jamia Al-Hudaa is financially supported by a registered charity and relies on contributions and donations to meet the annual shortfall between income and expenditure.
We ask all parents to make annual contributions towards the cost of provisions for their children in accordance to their incomes and capacity.

We request all parents to cooperate with the Jamia and if they cannot afford the Category A (Approximate full cost) then they should try to support the Jamia by encouraging others to donate.

There are 3 categories;
Category A – Parents whose total household income is more than £30,000.
Category B – Parents whose total household income is more than £20,000 and up to £30,000.
Category C – Parents whose total household income is up to £20,000.

Acceptance Packs for Existing Students;
Year 8 to 11 Acceptance Letter/Form - Residential & Day
16+ Acceptance Letter/Form - Residential & Day

Current Parental Contributions;

Note: Parental contributions are annually reviewed by the management.