Jamia Al-Hudaa
- Existing Boarding Students return on Sunday 1st September between 11am to 4pm.
- Existing Day Students return on Monday 2nd September for 8:30am.
- New Boarding Students arrive on Wednesday 4th September between 10am to 3pm.
- New Day Students arrive on Thursday 5th September for 8:30am.


This section is here to provide all our staff the support they need in terms of policies and procedures.
The staff at Jamia are an integral part of the Jamia family and work tirelessly to go above and beyond their responsibilities to help provide the best for our students.



Click on the link below to access all the relevant policies as a staff member at Jamia.

Policies Page

Processes and Procedures

Click on the link below to access all forms to report any issues related to behaviour, safeguarding, health and safety and incidents.

Procedures for Staff