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GCSE Exam Dates 2017/18

Important exam dates can be found below for this Academic year. We pray for the success of all students participating this year!

English Language & Literature (AQA)

English Language 8700
Paper 1:
Tue 05 June AM 1H 45M

Paper 2:
Fri 08 June AM 1H 45M

English Literature 8702

Paper 1:
Tue 22 May AM 1H 45M

Paper 2:
Fri 25 MAY AM 2H 45M

Maths (Edexcel)

Maths 1MA1
Paper 1:
Thurs 24 May AM 1H 30M

Paper 2:
Thurs 07 June AM 1H 30M

Paper 3:
Tue 12 June AM 1H 30M

Science Trilogy (AQA)

Paper 1:
Tue 15 May PM 1H 15M

Paper 2:
Mon 11 June AM 1H 15M


Paper 1:
Thur 17 May AM 1H 15M

Paper 2:
Wed 13 June AM 1H 15M

Paper 1:
Wed 23 May PM 1H 15M

Paper 2:
Fri 15 June Am 1H 15M

Arabic (Edexcel 2AR01)

5AR01 Listening & Understanding
Mon 18 June PM 45M

5AR03 Reading & Understanding
Mon 18 June PM 55M

5AR04 Writing
Wed 20 June PM 1H

Religious Studies (Edexcel RS B 1RB0)

Paper 1
Mon 14 may PM 1H 45M

Paper 2
Wed 16 May PM 1H 45M