Jamia Al-Hudaa

19th December - Parents Meeting Day & Break up for December Holidays.

Return on Sunday 29th December 2019 before 4pm.

Ofsted Reports

School Response & Reports

Response to latest Ofsted Reports

The management at Jamia Al-Hudaa would like to exercise our right and share our response to the latest Ofsted reports.

We are overall happy that Unmet standards have reduced significantly in recent follow-up inspections. However, some of the conduct and judgements remain questionable and we have followed this up via the complaints process.

We hope and expect that our Jamia will be given a fair opportunity to clearly demonstrate compliance with regulations and continue the excellent work that we are doing.

We will provide updates on our website so our school and wider community can be reassured of the policies & procedures in place.

On behalf of Raza Ul Haq

Update 15/10/2019

Please see the report for Social Care Inspection below which took place on the 24th of September. We are happy to say that all the standards are now met and we will continue to work hard and hope to have a successful full inspection in the future.

Social Care Inspection 24 September 2019 - Progress Monitoring (Standards are now MET)

Independent School Inspection October 2017

Independent School Inspection 18 June 2019 - Progress Monitoring