Jamia Al-Hudaa

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New Year Start Dates:
Current Residential Students Sunday 5th September 2021.
Current Day Students Monday 6th September 2021 8.30am
New Boarding Students Wednesday 8th September 2021 @10am
New Day Students Thursday 9th September 2021 @ 8.30am

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Pastoral & Safeguarding Advice

The physical and mental well-being of each student is of importance to the Jamia. Members of staff are trained to care for students, and students will always find a helping hand.

At Jamia, Students are taught that they can approach any member of staff they feel comfortable with to share any concerns about themselves or any other student or individual.

The Jamia also has specific appointed persons for the following aspects;
Safeguarding Issues - The Jamia's DSL is Miss Suffia Raza (Designated Safeguarding Lead/DSL@jamiaalhudaa.com).
Bullying Issues - Anti-Bullying Coordinator - Miss Nadiya Khatun.

Below are links regarding some safeguarding risks for students to access and learn from;

Childcare Online

FGM Advice (Female Genital Mutilation)

FGM/Child Marriage Advice

FGM Factsheet

Forced Marriage Advice

Forced Marriage Nottingham Safeguarding Advice

Honor Based Abuse Advice (HBA)

Domestic Abuse & Violence Advice