The First Residential Darul Uloom for Girls in East Midlands Est. 1996

Open Day & Entry Test for New Admissions
Sunday 11th June 2023 by Invite Only

Ramadan Holidays:

All students may leave on Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 12:30pm
Residential Students return on Sunday 23rd April 2023 before 4pm

Day Students will return Monday 24th April 2023 at 8.30am

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Term Dates

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GCSE Exam Dates

Important exam dates can be found below for this Academic year.
We pray for the success of all students participating this year!

Details Date Timing
AQA English Language 8700
Paper 1: Explorations in creative reading and writing 1h 45m
Paper 2: Writers' viewpoints and perspectives 1h 45m
Non-exam assessment: Spoken Language 9 & 10 N/A
AQA English Literature 8702
Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th century novel 1h 45m
Paper 2: Modern texts and poetry 2h 15m
Maths (Edexcel 1MA1)
Paper 1: Non-Calculator Higher Ti 1h 30m
Paper 2: Calculator Higher Tier 1h 30m
Paper 3: Calculator Higher Tie 1h 30m
Science Trilogy (AQA)
Biology Paper 1: 1h 15m
Biology Paper 2: 1h 15m
Chemistry Paper 1: 1h 15m
Chemistry Paper 2: 1h 15m
Physics Paper 1: 1h 15m
Physics Paper 2: 1h 15m
Arabic (Edexcel 2AR01)
5AR01 Listening & Understanding 0h 45m
5AR03 Reading & Understanding 1h 05m
5AR04 Writing 1h 25m
Religious Studies (Edexcel RS B 1RB0)
Paper 1: Religion and Ethics 1h 45m
Paper 2: Religion, Peace and Conflict 1h 45m
Paper 3: Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice 1h 45m