The First Residential Darul Uloom for Girls in East Midlands Est. 1996

Students Return on Sunday 20th February between 12pm and 4pm.

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Jamia Uniform

At Jamia Al-Hudaa we expect our Alma daughters to dress modestly at all times. We have rigorous requirements for uniform that have to be complied whilst at Jamia during the day.
  • Maroon jilbab/abaya Jilbabs should be loose and a plain design without any slits down the sides or otherwise
  • Black plain scarf (and must be worn securely using a safety pin etc. straight pins are not allowed due to health and safety.
  • Black plain cardigan
  • Sensible black shoes without laces
  • Black Shalwar Kamees & Trainers for P.E
  • For new students; we advise parents to get suitable material and get the uniform made by a local tailor. Once students are here, we can help arrange for extra uniform.
  • We do sell uniform packs which consist of plain black pashmina shawl & loose material of 3 meters of wide maroon fabric. We also have arrangements with a tailor who can sew the jilbab/abaya made to measure for each student’s need. A sample of the uniform colour is also attached. If you would like further details regarding uniform then please do not hesitate to contact Ms Shahnaz on 0115 969 0820 / secretary@jamiaalhudaa.com (during term time only).

Jamia Al-Hudaa Uniform

Update August 2021