Jamia Al-Hudaa
- Students break up on Saturday 27th July from 12pm to 5pm.
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Alhamdulillah, Jamia Al-Hudaa is one of the best Islamic Institutions for girls in Europe. In Shaa Allah, our aim is to make Jamia Al-Hudaa a centre of excellence for learning to achieve our goals, we wish to recruit qualified, experienced, talented and skilled staff who can inspire and motivate our students. We expect all our staff to be exemplary role model for our pupils and the school community and to respect and practice Islamic values and beliefs.

Currently we have the following vacancies available:
Boarding Supervisor
Teaching staff (please enquire for subjects)
Cleaning & Housekeeping staff

Please use the application forms below to apply:
Job Application Form
Self Declaration Form
(Please double click on the check boxes to get the option of placing a cross in it).
Once completed, please email the application forms to admin@jamiaalhudaa.com.

Step 2 - Please complete these forms after your interview when requested.
Personal Details
Medical Questionnaire
DBS Application