The First Residential Darul Uloom for Girls in East Midlands Est. 1996

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Who is Jamia For?

The admission age at the Jamia Al-Hudaa is for 11+ years. It is open to all students wishing to study in such an environment. Students will be required to be resident at the Jamia, however special arrangements may be made for non-residential students. For 16+ Students who wish to study Islamic Studies with Further Educational courses. The Jamia is open to those who share our aims and wish to attain a good Islamic education as well as achieving a high standard of state education.

Islamic Sciences
The Islamic Studies course is a full time seven year course. The syllabus has been designed by various learned scholars of Islam. The department has well qualified and experienced members of staff who are well acquainted with teaching methods.

The following subjects are taught as part of the Islamic Sciences syllabus, Tajweed, Quranic Translation and Tafseer, Hifz (Selected Juz), Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Sarf, Nahv, Islamic History, and Arabic Language.

National Curriculum
The National Curriculum for Jamia Al-Hudda offers the following subjects. All students will study core subjects at GCSE level. Subjects studied are English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, RE, Arabic, ICT and Urdu. The student has the option of doing additional subjects.